Hair Extension Consultation

We offer a full and free consultation service before every fitting so we can tailor your hair extensions exactly to your desired length, hair texture, thickness and colour. During this 30 minute appointment we will show you the different hair types we work with, offer you advice in selecting the best length and colour to suit your own hair, talk you through all aftercare requirements, give you the opportunity to ask questions and provide you with a demonstration of how your extensions will be applied.

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Sistachic Weave Application

This is the actual process of fitting the hair extensions. This appointment will last anything up to 1 and a half hours depending on how much hair you decide to have fitted. We use a unique micro link and stitch system to apply the hair. Tiny metal links are fitted into the natural hair and then we sew in strips of extensions above each of the links. The links then hold everything securely in place. After the hair extensions are fitted we will cut and blend them in to suit and either straighten or curl to finish.

Sistachic Tape Extension Application

This is the process of fitting tape hair extensions. This appointment will last anything up to 1 and a half hours depending on how many tapes you decide to have fitted. The tape application is different to the Sistachic weave as tape extensions come in individual pieces. Each piece is approximately an inch and a half wide with a specialist, taped back across the top. Sections of the natural hair are taken, a tape is secured underneath the hair section; close to the root and a second tape is placed directly on top sandwiching the natural hair in between. After the tape extensions are fitted we will cut and blend them in to suit and finish with a straighten through or a curl of your choice. Tape Extensions are great for very fine hair, hair that has sustained breakage or colour damage. Tape extensions will not cause damage to the natural hair (providing full aftercare is followed) and refits are generally required on average every 4-6 weeks (tape extensions are re-useable)

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Maintenance Appointments

A maintenance appointment is required every 4-6 weeks on average. This is a 30 minute appointment which is an extremely important part of keeping both your hair extensions and your natural hair at their absolute best. During this appointment we tighten the hair extensions back up over the natural hair growth, remove any shedded hair, replace any missing micro links, fix any pulled or broken stitching and trim the hair if required.

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Hair Extension Removal

This is a 30 minute appointment where we will professionally remove your hair extensions. This appointment is highly recommend as removing your own extensions can result in damage to natural hair if not done correctly.

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Not only do Sistachic provide the very best in luxury, long-lasting and non-damaging hair extensions but they also provide some of the very best and on trend beauty treatments including professional makeup application, micro blading, eye lashes, henna skin art and much much more

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An excellent nurse led Aesthetics clinic runs within the Sistachic salon offering the highest quality service in anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and derma planing skin treatments

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Hair Styling

Offering the absolute best in creative cuts, colours and hair styling using Wella branded products and Olaplex to protect your hair, our team of hand picked, amazing stylist will be sure to give you a hair transformation you will be overwhelmed with whether it be with or without Sistachic hair extensions. Free consultations are always offered and patch tests 48 hours prior to any colour service are essential.

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Price List

Consultation £25 refundable
Full Head£44 (or 2 for £70)
Per Row£12
Full Link Replacement£15
Full Head£39
Per Row£12
Removals and Refit – Existing Hair Extensions
Full Head£124
Per Row£32
Weave Fitting – Own Hair Supplied
Full Head£124
Per Row£32


Beauty Works Celebrity Choice
16″ 120 Grams£341£371£371£398
18″ 120 Grams£368£402£402£465
20″ 120 Grams£380£421£421£479
22″ 120 Grams£388£423£423£500
Beauty Works Gold Double
18″ 150 Grams£425£457£457£537
20″ 150 Grams£433£477£477£562
22″ 150 Grams£442£487£487£574
24″ 150 Grams£699£740£740£755
Remi Cachet Elegance Half
16″ 50 Grams£216£241£241£261
20″ 50 Grams£243£262£262£273
24″ 50 Grams£283£303£303£323
Remi Cachet Elegance Full
12″ 80 Grams£270£270£270£270
16″ 100 Grams£379£438£438£458
20″ 120 Grams£463£512£512£522
24″ 140 Grams£543£570£570£602
Remi Cachet Super Weft
16″ 150 Grams£504£524£524£544
20″ 180 Grams£644£664£664£684



Nano Bond
18″ 50 Grams£159£170£170£224
20″ 50 Grams£164£178£178£235
24″ 50 Grams£218£232£232£243
Fitting alone £50 per pack
Removal and refit £60 per pack
Removal only £30 per pack
Tape Extensions
14″ 48 Grams£171£180£180£193
16″ 48 Grams£196£208£208£222
18″ 48 Grams£201£221£221£239
20″ 48 Grams£209£231£231£248
22″ 48 Grams£217£244£244£272
28″ 48 Grams£247£270£270£277
Removal and refit £45 per pack
Removal only £25 per pack
Gold Double Weft
18″ 50 Grams (approx)£150£160£160£185
20″ 50 Grams (approx)£155£165£165£190
22″ 50 Grams (approx)£160£170£170£195
Colour Services
All colour services include blow dry
Short = Above Shoulder  Long = Below Shoulder
Prices may differ slightly depending on length and thickness
Full Head Highlights£95.00£110.00
Half Head Highlights£75.00£85.00
T Section Highlights£52.00£62.00
Full Head Semi-Permanent Colour£78.00£88.00
Full Head Permenent Colour£83.00£93.00
Full Root Re-touch£67.00£77.00
Couture Colours£15.00£15.00
Colour Shot Shampoo£5.00£5.00


Colour CorrectionsPrice on consultation
Balayage ColoursPrice on consultation
Colour MeltsPrice on consultation


Cuts, Styling and Blow Drys 
Cut and Finish£39.00£45.00
Full Restyle and Finish£45.00£50.00
Dry Cut£19.50£19.50
Kids Dry Cut£12.50£12.50
Wash and Blow Dry£29.50£29.50
Wash and Blow Dry with Extensions£29.50£29.50
Wanded Curl£16.50£16.50
Chopstick Curl£35.50£35.50
Pin Curl£23.50£23.50
Mermaids Waves£26.50£26.50


Clip in Hair Extensions Fitted, Cut and Styled£31.50
Hair Extension Colouring (out of hair)£60.00
Hair Extension Root Colour (out of hair)£57.00
Hair Up Stylesfrom £26.00


Olaplex Shot in Colour£20.00
Olaplex Treatment£58.00
Add a Beauty Works Treatment£5.00
Add a Wella Treatment£8.00


Wedding Hair in Salon and Trials
Consultations£25 refundable
Bride£55 – £60
Bridesmaid£30 -£35
Bridesmaid (under 8)£15 – £20
At Wedding Venue
Bride£70 – £75
Bridesmaid£40 -£45
Bridesmaid (under 8)£25 -£30
Eyebrow Shape£7.00
Eyebrow Tint£7.00
Eyelash Tint£10.00
Special Offer
Eyebrow Shape, Tint & Eyelash Tint (Patch test required 24hrs before tint)£20.00
Lash fx Individual Eyelash Extentions
Individual Lashes are applied to each natural lash (fx lashes take around 1 hr 30 min, patch test required 15 mins before)
Full Set£35.00
Lash fx Infills
After 2 weeks£20.00
After 3 weeks£28.00
Express/Weekend Lashes
Cluster lashes are applied to the natural lash, excellent for special occasions or clients with little time£20.00
Lash Lift
Adds lift and volume to the natural lash.
Alternative to lash extensions, includes eyelash tint. (Patch test required 24hrs before)£30.00
Power polish up to 14 day wear with zero drying time£20.00
Soak off and tidy£7.00
Hands and Feet£35.00
File and Paint£8.00
Mini Manicure
Includes file, cuticles and paint£12.00
Luxury Manicure
Includes file, cuticles, hand/arm massage, paraffin wax and nail paint (add Shellac £12)£22.00
Mini Pedicure
Includes soak, cut, file, cuticles and paint£12.00
Luxury Pedicure
Includes soak, cut, file, cuticles, hard skin removal, paraffin wax, leg/foot massage and paint (add Shellac £12)£24.00
Face and Body
Express Facial
Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask and moisturise£20.00
Luxury Facial
Includes cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage, mask and moisturise£30.00
Back, neck and shoulder (30 min)£25.00
Full body (1 hour)£45.00
Lip and chin£5.00
Half leg£14.00
Full leg£20.00
Bikini (standard)£10.00
Brazilian (strip)£16.00
Hollywood (all)£22.00
Epionce Microneedling
Significantly improves the appearance of acne, pigmentation, strectch marks, lines and wrinkles, sun damaged and aged skin. The treatment can also be used for tattoo removal.£POA
Course 6 treatments£POA
Dermaceutic Skin Peel
Milk peel used to treat pigmentation, acne, skin, imperfections, anti aging, skin rejuvenation£40.00
Course 4 treatments£145.00