skin mud face pods
  • skin mud face pods

Skin Mud

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Skin Muds Face Pods is a 3 step zonal face mask


Skin Mud Face Pods

Skin Muds Face Pods is a 3 step zonal face mask. Our small pods of mud target the tzone, cheek and eyes unlike any other mask. The pods contain ingredients to moisturise, tighten your pours and detox your (soon-to-be-lovely) skin.


Refines your eye contours; repairs and moisturises skin; minimises pours; and improves pouches, crows feet and fine lines. Leaves the skin brighter and more elastic


Deeply cleanses, unclogs and purifies pours; regulates skin from inside out to eradicate excess oil and dryness; helps to maintain proper moisture/oil balance; leaves the skin cleaner and purer.


Form a moisture network on the skin’s surface; promotes natural moisture exchange; and restores water to the skin cells; leaves the skin hydrated, plump, subtle and silky smooth.


3 x eye pods

3 x tzone pods

3 x cheek pods

1 x application brush


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