Herra Hair Perfume Signature 50ml
  • Herra Hair Perfume Signature 50ml

Herra Hair Perfume Signature 50ml

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Herra Hair Perfume Signature 50ml

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Herra Hair Perfume Signature 50ml

Herra Signature perfume is a blend of refined, refined, refined notes with a fresh and modern flavor that creates a sensory experience for any type of personality. Among the ingredients we find: Italian bergamot, loquat fruit, orchid, rose, jasmine white, mimosa, heliotrope, lily, vanilla, Tonka beans, sandalwood and musk.

Herra Hair Perfume is an innovative product specially designed to protect hair from external factors, UV rays and pollution, moisturizing it and giving it an exciting scent throughout the day.

Made in the UK by natural ingredients only, the revolutionary hair fragrance helps active people who want a healthy and beautiful smell.


Features and Benefits

Protects – Sunflower extract protects hair structure, helps combat UV rays and prevents discoloration, while olive extract, rich in antioxidants, helps protect hair from external factors, pollution and free radicals

Hydrate – Glycerin helps hydrate and seal the hair without charging it

Perfume – We use the most refined combinations of ingredients to create a modern, fresh fragrance and fit any type of personality

Instructions for use

There are enough 2-3 sprays all over the hair at a distance of 20 cm to bring her hair back to life. Herra can be applied throughout the day to rejuvenate your hair as often as you want to benefit from continued protection or just to feel this pleasant smell again.

The use of Herra fragrance between scrubbers eliminates the need to wash your hair often, saving valuable time and minimizing the effects that appear after washing, such as discoloration.

Perfume collection

Herra perfumes are available in a range of 4 fabulous fragrances: Oud Inspired, Wildwood, Signature and Scarlet Rose. Designed to emphasize the bearer’s personality and provide a personal brand, Herra formulations are based on precious ingredients such as amber or musk and are remarkable due to a blend of noble peaks and refined base notes.

Launched in 2010, after many years of laboratory research, Herra is the result of the work of James Davis, a well-known London hair stylist, and her partner, a renowned perfume expert, appreciated by her long-lasting collaboration with Chanel’s perfume house.

Mentioned by beauty publishers around the world in magazines like Vogue or Elle, Herra is one of the fastest growing brands in the luxury and hair care industry worldwide.

Herra products have not been tested on animals!



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